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Drilling and Workover Services

Drilling and Workover Services

Besmindo Materi Sewatama provide drilling and workover rigs with self propelled carrier type units with self extended API portable guyed masts to achieve high performance of a safe operating environment and quality service to our clients in the worldwide oil and gas industry.

We are committed to safety, drilling efficiency and quality requirements of our clients’. Since our people is our greatest asset, safety is our number one concern and delivery time is our target.

Besmindo Materi Sewatama provides drilling and workover with oilfield-experienced engineers, to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Our service provide:

  • Drilling Services
    Operations are performed using Besmindo’s own fleet of IDECO rambler Drilling rigs with the drilling depth up to 2,700 feet using 3-1/2" drill pipes.
  • Work over & Well Services
    Services are provided using Besmindo’s own fleet of IDECO Rambler and SJ Petro rigs with servicing depth up to 4,100 feet using 3-1/2" drill pipes or Well servicing depth up to 6,500 feet using 3-1/2" tubing.



PT Besmindo Materi Sewatama

Head Office:

Jl. POJ Kalimalang
Kp. Pekopen RT 04/01 No.12, Tambun
Bekasi 17510

Tel.  : (62-21)883 35710
Fax. : (62-21)883 35711


Jl. Duri-Dumai KM 9
Kec. Batin Solapan, Duri

Tel.  : (62-765)5620049
Fax : (62-765)560755