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  • Think First
    A detailed risk assessment and great planning before starting the job helps you to select the correct PPE and complete the work.
  • Stop Immediately
    Your decision to stop any unsafe work will have the support of all managers.
  • Report immediately
    Reporting all “Accidents and incidents/near miss” will save lives, not reporting is punishable.



1.  Work Permit

Work permit shall always be obtained for any potential hazardous work.  Hazardous work  generally include confined space entry, work on energized system,  ground disturbance and hot work.  This work permit will :

  • Define a scope of work
  • ldentify hazards and potential risks
  • Establish control measures to eliminate or mitigate hazards
  • Link the work to other associated work permits or simultaneous operations and have authorization from responsible personnel.
  • Communicate the above information to all involved parties
  • Ensure adequate control has been performed to normal operations.

2.   Working at heights

Performing work at height of 2 meters (6 feet) or higher shall not be proceeded, unless :

  • A fixed platform is used with guard or hand rails that have been verified by a competent personnel and using proper steel scaffolds.
  • Guard rails shall be erected to an acceptable standard. Should guard rails are not provided; an approved safety harness must be worn.
  • All arrest equipment shall have a limit of free fall to 2 meters (6 feet) height or less and completed visual inspections must be worn.
  • All damaged equipment shall be taken out from the site for repair
  • Only competent personnel should perform the work.
  • All arrest equipment used should be capable to support at least 2.275 kg (5.000 lbs) static load per person and should have :
    • A proper anchor mounted, preferably overhead
    • Full body harness using double latch-self locking snap hooks at each connection.
    • Synthetic fibred lanyards
    • A shock absorber

3.   Energy lsolation

Any isolation of energy systems; mechanical, electrical, process, hydraulic and others, shall not be proceeded, unless :

  • The method of energy isolation and discharge of stored energy are approved and executed by competent personnel.
  • A system of locks and tags is utilized at isolation points.
  • A test is conducted to ensure the isolation is effective

4.   Vehicle safety

Vehicles shall not be operated unless :

  • Vehicle is inspected and confirmed to be in a safe working order
  • Trained and certified drivers shall only operate their assigned vehicles
  • Number of passengers should not exceed the manufacturer’s vehicle seats
  • Seat belts should be installed and worn by all passengers
  • Drivers are prohibited to use hand-held cell phones and radios while driving

5.   Ground disturbance

Work that involves a man-made cut, cavity, trench or depression in the ground surface formed by earth removal shall not be proceeded, unless :

  • A hazard assessment at the work site has been completed by a competent personnel
  • All underground hazards, i.e., pipeline, electric cables, etc have been identified, located and if necessary, isolated.

Requirements to enter an excavation :

  • Any personnel should posses a permit to enter confined space.
  • Ground movement should be controlled by installing shoring, sloping, benching, etc
  • Monitor ground and environ mental conditions.

6.   Confined space entry

Entrance into any confined space shall not be proceeded, unless :

  • All other requirements have been ruled out
  • Permit is issued by the authorized personnel and shall be communicated to involved parties
  • Only competent personnel shall do the work
  • lsolate all sources of energy
  • Testing of atmospheres has been performed, verified and repeated as often as defined by the risk assessment
  • Stand by personnel shall be stationed and equipment with retrieval equipment, rescue procedures and proper breathing apparatus if required.

7.   Lifting operations

Lifting using the cranes, hoists or other mechanical lifting devices shall not be commenced, unless:

  • A lifting assessment has been completed
  • Lifting method and equipment has been determined by competent personnel
  • Operators for the mechanical power and lifting devices are trained and certified
  • The load ringing is carried out by a competent personnel
  • Lifting devices and equipment have been certified within the last 12 months (at a minimum)
  • Load does not exceed dynamic and/ or static capacities of the lifting equipment
  • Any safety devices installed on lifting equipment are in good condition
  • All lifting devices and equipments have been visually examined prior using by competent personnel.


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